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First stage

Let's put together the colors of summer. Take a blue piece (the color of a summer sky). Then pick an orange piece (for the bright sun shining in the summer sky). Take a black piece as well (because sometimes in summer there are big storms with lightning and thunder, and then the sky darkens to black). Now pick a green piece (for the now very green grass and leaves, and the thick, full foliage of the trees). Lastly, take a red piece (for June poppy flowers, ripe cherries, refreshing watermelons, and sun-sweet tomatoes).

Arrange the five pieces in a row, touch them, smell their scents, and feel their touch-readable symbols: blue, orange, black, green, red.

Second Stage

Download the sound

Now it's up to you. Think about how you feel in the warm summertime, when maybe you go to the beach or the mountains. Choose the colors (don't worry if you repeat them) that represent your own summer.

Write down or voice-record a description of your summer.