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First stage

Let's put together the colors of Autumn. Take a gray piece (it's the usual color of an autumn sky, when the sun is either weak or shrouded in clouds or fog). Now take a second yellow piece (for the sun, still shining, but less bright than it was in summer). Now pick a brown piece, and a red one (for the leaves, first red, then brown and withered, ready to fall from the trees). Now pick one last purple piece (for the ripe grapes gathered in the baskets after the vintage).

Arrange the five pieces in a row, touch them, smell their scents, and feel their touch-readable symbols: gray, yellow, brown, red, purple.

Second Stage

Download the sound

Now it's once more up to you. Think about how you feel in autumn, when the sun grows lukewarm, days grow shorter, and it feels good to stay at home at night- leaves are falling, and you can hear them crunch under your feet, and sometimes there is even some fog. Pick your colors, (you can pick each one more than once, if you like), and make up your own autumn.

Write down or voice-record a description or your autumn.