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A big step... Forward!

The KIT 11 and the site should be used together.

Access to the private area is only for users in possession of the book.


To log in for the first time you have to register. To do it, go to the registration page. Once there, you will need to type:

Once the code is validated, the system will send you a welcome email with directions and a first login link.
Once logged in, you will be asked to change your password in your user profile.
When you have created your password, you will be able to access the restricted area.

The username you found in the book and the password you create will be your future login data whenever you want to access the site.

For subsequent access by registered user uses the login page.

First, however, to access the private area you may want to read it in the text parts of the site.

You will find there many interesting things, that will help you understand the whole project to build a synesthetic color code. The 11 Kit is only the first, although in a way the most important, step of a path we would like to walk together. The journey you are about to begin will take care and hard work: it is very important that you follow every step; this way we can monitor how the project is working, and you can take part in its development. But we also tried to make your learning experience entertaining: we certainly had fun writing History of 11, letting the colors speak for themselves, building for each color a code of touch-readable signs, smells, and sounds, imagining the exercises, and playing them like games. We hope that you will have fun as well, and that you will let us know. Please, send us your comments, suggestions, and thoughts, once you have finished your first journey with 11. You can email us directly from the website, at the address lidia @

Here is a list of everything you will find in the password-protected area, once you are logged-in:

Lidia Beduschi, About the book 11 and how to use it (scented colors; touch-readable symbols);

Lidia Beduschi (together with Isabella Tondi and Luca Modena for the sound code and the piano arrangements) History of 11;

Lidia Beduschi, Games:
  1. Games to play on the book (puzzles; colors and smells; colors and touch-readable symbols)
  2. Games to play on the website (sounds and colors; first game; second game; third game; fourth game)
  3. The four seasons, game to play both on the book and the website: to play this game, you will need the scents, touch-readable symbols and Isabella Tondi's arrangements from Antonio Vivaldi's Le quattro stagioni (The four seasons).


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