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Sounds and colors

There is a strong link between color and sound, and many culture have explored it thoroughly. We do not want to deal here with a complex and intriguing history that would lead us too far. As we did with the SMELL/COLOR and SYMBOL/COLOR matches, we would rather tell you, instead, how we came to build the soundcolor code.

Painter Vasily Kandinskij used to match red with a trumpet's blare. Although common enough, this correlation is not universally shared; and by now we know that what we want is to build a shared code that allows us to shape a mental image of a colorsound, and use it to communicate with others, both normally sighted and visually impaired.

Therefore, we chose to compose all our soundcolors on the same intrument: the piano. In this case, since you can listen to the sounds at the end of each color's introductory tale, we do not need to describe or explain them here, as we had to do with the COLOR/SMELLS and COLOR/SYMBOLS. Please, listen to the sounds themselves: it is much more important.