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My name is Pink, and I'm hopelessly starry-eyed. I see everything through rose-tinted glasses: past and future are pink, and pink are my dreams, that I'd love to share with you!

I love pink frills for a baby girl, and a ballerina's tutu and dancing shoes, and pink candy. The icing on the biggest, simplest cake just had to be pink, like the Pink Panther, and every girl's happy birthday candles. Other colors make fun of me: "there goes Pink, our never-fading rose, with pink sunsets and pink dawns, pink-edged clouds, and pink flowers in spring, and pink dolls in pink dresses, sitting on pink beds, in pink bedrooms with pink curtains…"

And do I get mad? Not at all. I'm the color of the happiest time in life, provided it is happy, of course!

And anyway I do my best to keep my delicate hue from fading away even from grown people's lives. I'll give you strawberry ice-creams, and the rarest peau d'ange coral, and heart-shaped, pink quartz ear-rings that any woman can afford; a low-cut little dress, a drop of Anais Anais de Cacharel, and there you go: a vision in pink! And then, I dyed pink the flamingoes on the Nile: perched on their long legs in the low water, or flying in flocks, they are sure to make even the most level-headed biologist gape in wonder! And get yourself a pink silk slip, finger it, stroke it: there's nothing smoother! Pink is the shiny inside of the big sea-shell you hold to your ear to hear the waves. Pink the lullaby that rocks us to sleep.

Never listen to the grouches and the know-it-alls who say the real world is all black!