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My favorite place is the gleaming, snow-covered top of the highest mountains. But the foam of the ocean's waves makes me quiver with joy too. Do you think I'm too hard to catch? The truth is, you see, that I'm the light, no less. The light at the beginning of the Universe, and the glow of dawn every morning. I'm proud, yes! I have no qualms telling you that no color inhabits as many places as I do: can you think of peace? A white dove! And a swan's long neck, mirrored in the clear water. Together with Black, I'm in the breast of the swallow. Even the desert at noon is sheer light: white!

I'm the tiny daisies crowding in the meadow, the chaste, and proud, and heady lily of the Lady's Annunciation. I am the color of the Angel.

But don't be mistaken, I can be humble too, and then you'll find me in the freshly laundered sheets on your bed, or in the whispering dress of a bride, blushing under a sheer white veil, with her bouquet of orange blossoms.

I'm also the whipped cream on your cake, the milk you sucked when you were babies, the milk that feeds the lamb and the kitten. Do you see how close I can be? I'm even in your toothpaste tube, or in dad's shaving foam, spraying out of my can every morning.

If you want to know me, I have the scent and the sweetness of icing sugar with just a touch of vanilla.